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"Do you look after a relative, friend of neighbour who is ill, frail, disabled, has a mental health concern or problematic substance use and who could not manage without your help?  If so, then you are a Carer and there are a number of ways you can get help and support".

St Peter's Surgery recognises that Carers contribute a significant saving to the NHS by looking after relatives, neighbours or friends who might otherwise have to go into long term care.  Young Carers, under the age of 18 may be particularly vulnerable due to their inexperience and lack of life-skills.  This practice is committed to providing appropriate support and consideration to its patients who are Carers whatever their age.

What we can do to help.  The practice holds a list of those patients who are Carers and who have agreed to be on the register.  The register enables the practice to provide Carers with information on local and national support and help.  We can also arrange a referral to Social Services for a Carers Needs Assessment and other voluntary service agencies if required.

At St. Peter's Surgery we aim to raise awareness of the needs of Carers and to support them with practical help and information.

If we are able to recognise you as a Carer we can ensure that you receive the appropriate consideration and support.

How can you register as a Carer?  Registration forms are available in the surgery or speak to any staff member.  Forms are also available from other voluntary organisations.

Donna Lewis, our Health Care Assistant, is our Practice Carers Lead.  You can ask to speak to her by telephone or make an appointment for a chat in the surgery.

What is a Carer's Needs Assessment?   A Carer's Needs Assessment is your opportunity to tell Social Services about the things that could make caring easier for you.  It is an assessment of your needs, not those of the person you are caring for.  Every Carer is entitled to an assessment. When you register with us as a Carer, the practice will offer you the chance of a referral.

Alternatively you can now download the documents from the Carmarthenshire County Council website below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Carmarthenshire Association of Voluntary Services Carers Information Pack

For further advice and support patients or carers may contact the service directly via the following

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